Oral and Listening ( Term 1 )



Section 1 : Australian cigarette packaging

…. Just over a month ago, Australia banned all tobacco company logos and colours from packaging, which now has disturbing….

Extended Topic for Discussion :

  • Tobacco
  • Tips on quitting smoking
  • Delay
  • Distraction
  • Deep Breathing and Drink Water

Section 2 : The last ninjas

….They are the heroes or villains of countless movies and comics. But after more than 500 years of history and myth, only a handful of masters hold the secrets of the deadly art of ninjutsu…..

Section 3 : Pain

….My parents took me to my paediatrician where he took a lighter, placed it underneath my foot, held it there for a moment until my skin began to blister and then he had a pretty good idea ofwhat it was that my condition was…..




Section 1 : Monitoring microblogs

….Unsurprisingly, criticism of the government, local scandals and complaints about China’s one-child policy were blocked most quickly. But the team worked out that if….

Extended Topic for Discussion :

  • Blog
  • Microblogging in China
  • One-child policy

Section 2 : Missing tortilla wrappers

….More than 30 vendors in Chihuahua have started to print information on the flatbread’s packagingabout people who have disappeared…..

Section 3 : Blood

….Here in Japan blood isn’t just important for medicine and science, it’s also got big implications for life, work and love…..




Section 1 : Chavez’s body to be preserved and displayed

….In North Korea, Kim Il-sung’s public resting place was recently renovated to accommodate the embalmed remains of his son Kim Jong-il…..

Extended Topic for Discussion :

  • President Hugo Chavez
  • Socialism

Section 2 : Singing security guards

….But, once a month, instead of patrolling the platforms, nine security guards treat commuters to a concert…..

Section 3 : Ear worms

….A tune or a part of the tune that comes unbidden into the mind, and then goes on to repeat and it’s outside of your conscious control of it. Two features….




Section 1 : US ‘fiscal cliff’

….The big concern about the standoff in Washington is that the economy could go back into recession if the tax increases and spending cuts go through. Any damage….

Extended Topic for Discussion :

  • United States Congress
  • Income tax in the United States

Section 2 : Edible outfits

….The dresses were inspired by styles from around the world, and included chocolate fudge skirts andintricate golden bodices…..

Section 3 : Speak any language instantly

….You simply talk into your smartphone. That’s then sent to the server from Google, which does real-time voice recognition and then machine translation….




Section 1 : Falklands invasion ‘surprised’ Thatcher

….But two days before Argentine forces went ashore Mrs Thatcher was told an invasion was imminent. She thought this was the worst moment of her life. And she said….

Extended Topic for Discussion :

  • Margaret Thatcher
  • Falkland Islands
  • Argentines

Section 2 : Hajj security

….Thousands of members of the Saudi security forces have been taking part in a parade ahead of the world’s biggest religious gathering. ….

Section 3 : Relaxing drug laws: a good idea?

….Executive, Roger Howard. What does he think the UK should do to save money and send fewer people to court? We do say….

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